Being a social media marketing expert, I have considerable experience working with a variety of people. I have been trained to deal with masses and market my thoughts among them. Thus, making connections with people is my bread and butter.

After starting the website, I knew that my readers are my biggest asset and they have to be taken care off. It is my priority to associate with people who appreciate my publications, and that can be done with a few simple steps I’ll be talking about.

Through social media handles

As the website is based on social media marketing, it is better to connect with me over the various handles I manage. It also gives me the chance of understanding the skills my readers have gained through the website.

On the other hand, while you go through my pages, your knowledge about governing social media channels is empowered. I make sure that my pages are educating and entertaining at the same time. Furthermore, you also get the chance to encounter a lot of marketing professional who can help you in real life scenarios.

It becomes much more critical as it diversifies your market base and you get to know a lot of people who matter in our industry.

By connecting directly

You can also use one the pages to send me a direct message after registering your name and email address. It is the most accessible channel to send your suggestions, queries, appreciation, and criticism. I try my best to provide you with prompt replies which are enough to resolve any doubts you might have.

Again, I request you to send short and straightforward messages which will save yours and my precious time.  You might also go through various categories of articles for clearing your confusion before getting in touch with me. There have been times when a simple link to one of my pieces has handled the senders of the messages.

Apart from these benefits, you can also discuss prospects and current scenarios in the industry.  I would also like to guide youngsters interested in making a career out of this skill. Do not hesitate in asking me even some basic questions as I am not here to judge but to educate and inspire.

Through comments

Your comments allow me easily understand your viewpoint on a topic. It not only enables me to reply with the correct answer but also change the content of my upcoming publications. Also, you must take care of other readers and avoid shaming the background, nationality, race or gender of a person. You will be permanently blocked for such a response.

Your comments also help many readers who might have the same viewpoint as you.  It saves their time and effort plus your comments receive more appreciation.

Hence, connecting with me is not rocket science. Few simple clicks can start a conversation which will be mutually beneficiary.  Let’s start the connection to become a more trained and experienced social media marketing expert.