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Most Successful Ad Campaigns of 2018

2018 is behind us, but there is a lot we can learn from another varied year of advertising. Ad campaigns will continue to last as long as there are consumers willing to buy products, but some are better than others. If you’re looking for some prime examples of how to carry out your own ad […]

How to Globalize your Brand

The more people you reach with your product, the more money you can make. And there is no greater reach for a company than worldwide. If you’ve already spread your brand around your domestic area and even nationally, it may be time for you to take the next step, but it isn’t easy. Here’s how […]

Tips for Hiring Intuitive Marketing Staff

No matter what job is being discussed, you want your staff to be intuitive. You want them to excel, to have initiative, to really contribute to your team. But this is especially true when it comes to marketing. Marketing is a much harder job than most people give it credit for. It takes a great […]

Is the Location of Your Head Quarters Important to Your Brand?

With the recent economic upswing over the last decade, many companies have considered the relocation of their headquarters for reasons of economic development and the pursuit to increase efficiencies in their operations. Thoughts and insights from business enthusiasts and tech gurus are very clear that the location of the headquarters of a brand is very […]

Why SEO is Vital to Any Business

It is true, in the current digital age, businesses can use search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance their website overall visibility and searchability among other useful benefits. SEO helps both the user whom in this case is the target customer and the search engine robots to comprehend your website so that when a user places […]

Content Ideas for Business Social Media Pages

Keeping your fans engaged in your social media pages all the time is no simple deal.  More than 80 percent of the United States population buys items online. Keeping your fans wanting to search your webpage continuously and the social media platform is thus a crucial component of any business digital marketing department. To engage […]

Why an Iconic Website Design is Essential for Any Brand

Consumers are used to being hit hard by Branding. Logos are thoughtfully designed and even fine-tuned over the years with small, subtle changes, either to bring the logo into line with the desired message of the Brand or to match changes in its style and content. Theme tunes, jingles, advertising, and marketing catch-phrases are equally […]