Ad Campaigns

I know for sure that it happens a lot with those entrepreneurs who are very technical as well, like with someone who is a skilled programmer and they choose to bootstrap their online venture by being the one to sit at their computer and write all the code for something like an e-commerce site they’re working on. Of course what I’m talking about is how all these ideas around how you’re going to market your venture form in your head, to be implemented once you’ve finished creating it and you’re ready to launch, but post-launch you don’t know where to start by way of the advertising campaigns to run.

So I’m going to give you an overview of some avenues you can pursue with some insight as to the possibilities around the success or failure of those ad campaigns.


Word-of-mouth isn’t really an advertising campaign in the traditional sense of marketing and advertising, but more and more people are becoming wise to its status as perhaps the most powerful form of getting word about your offering out there. I just felt I had to mention word-of-mouth because it can often make for all the advertising you need at times, so if you have to then you can follow the lead of certain brands that in a sense “plant” civilians all over the show to put the word out there and sort of subtly mention your brand, company or offer in a way that has whomever who hears about it thinking they’ve stumbled upon some top secret they should definitely be in on.

Organic online traffic

This applies to all businesses – bar-none, that being the fact that the absolute best form of advertising you can benefit out of is that of getting organic online traffic to your sales offer. For those of you who don’t know, organic traffic is comprised out of visitors to your website who arrive either via having found your site following a search engine query they ran, or via referrals through links embedded in other people’s websites or blogs.

So basically it’s essential to pay attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as part of your marketing strategy and a good portion of your advertising budget should probably be allocated to SEO. This is important because all it takes is for you to get it right once and once you’ve gotten it right that one time, you’ve set yourself up to benefit from prospects coming to your sales offer page for as long as your site manages to pull in that automated, organic traffic. No further work would be directly required of you going forward.

Paid online traffic

Paid online traffic exists in the form of the likes of PPC ad campaigns (Pay-Per-Click), with the most popular one being that of Google AdWords, now known simply as Google Ads. Paid online traffic of this nature is the next best thing to organic traffic, often making for the solution to not being able to get ranked high in order to receive organic traffic.

It can get expensive though as availability depends on how much you’re willing to bid for “clicks” originating out of certain keywords and key phrases.

There are many other forms of online paid traffic one can try to run some ad campaigns through, like social media adverts, but the sagest advice as far as that goes is that you should never really make direct sales offers. Instead of sending visitors you get via paid clicks straight to the sales offer page, rather send them to an opt-in form so that you can add them to your mailing list which is to be periodically monetised later.

Of course you can approach things differently based on different markets you’re catering to.

Traditional advertising campaigns

With all the focus on digital marketing and the associated advertising campaigns, it’s very easy to overlook or completely forget about traditional ad campaigns which work just as well today as they did in years gone by. Some people still watch TV for example, so if you time your ads just right then you can land a lot of buying customers through what is becoming a much cheaper advertising medium, while other traditional ad campaigns you should look into include the likes of holding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events or sponsoring other events. Of course you should take every opportunity to spread awareness about your brand or your offer.