Most Successful Ad Campaigns of 2018

2018 is behind us, but there is a lot we can learn from another varied year of advertising. Ad campaigns will continue to last as long as there are consumers willing to buy products, but some are better than others. If you’re looking for some prime examples of how to carry out your own ad campaign, it’s better to look to the most successful ones in 2018, rather than the average.

  1. Alexa Lost her Voice: Amazon Alexa Campaign

Alexa is far from the only smart speaker on the market, but she sure is one of the most popular, in no small part due to the very successful ‘Alexa lost her Voice’ ad campaign. This ad campaign made its mark during the Super Bowl, with the unique premise that Alexa had lost her voice, and that echo smart functions would have to be performed a different way; namely, by celebrities. And of course it was made even better because the celebrities used were quite famous for their distinct voices, such as Sit Anthony Hopkins and Gordon Ramsay. The flair of humor in the fitting types of questions these celebrities had to answer in Alexa’s place cemented the ad campaign as one of the highlights of not only the Super Bowl, but the whole year.

  1. It’s a #TideAd

You want to talk about viral marketing campaigns? It’s a #TideAd was one of the biggest of 2018, and coincidentally, it was also presented during the Super Bowl. This ad campaign had a very simple premise; David Harbour, star from stranger things, humorously informed the general public that every ad we had ever seen was actually a Tide advertisement. The gist of the joke was that practically every commercial for every product includes people wearing exceptionally clean clothes, and such a thing could only be accomplished with an equally exceptional detergent, such as Tide. This clever idea was not only a great laugh during the Super Bowl, but it spawned plenty of support on the internet after the fact. Remember, if the online community turns your ad into a running joke because it was that amusing, it is very likely they won’t forget your ad campaign anytime soon.

  1. #Spitfire and #Icecold

At this point you shouldn’t be surprised this is another ad campaign from the Super Bowl. Half of the sporting event is advertisement, after all. Some people only watch it for them. That said, this ad campaign was a combination from Doritos and Mountain Dew, who decided to have Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage having a lip sync battle, with some cameos from Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes. The ad had a lot of people talking about it, and it did go viral shortly after the Super Bowl concluded. And is anyone really surprised? Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman having a rap battle about chips and soda? An idea like that was guaranteed to make it big online as soon as it was pitched.

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