Tips for Hiring Intuitive Marketing Staff

No matter what job is being discussed, you want your staff to be intuitive. You want them to excel, to have initiative, to really contribute to your team. But this is especially true when it comes to marketing. Marketing is a much harder job than most people give it credit for. It takes a great deal of skill and know-how, and a certain type of personality. You can’t always tell if someone will be an intuitive member of your marketing team, but here’s a few tips for hiring as many of those people as possible.

  1. Look for the Expert, not the Jack of All Trades

Because most resumes are trying to sell the person in question, they’ll list just about every skill possible to try and make themselves look good. Now, we’re not saying that none of the people who list all those things can’t actually do all of them, but even so, someone with a wide skillset probably has average skill across the board, rather than being an expert in one or two things.

There’s no point in hiring someone that can do a dozen different jobs with average skill when you can hire an expert that can do the one job you need with, well, expert skill. Identify what your marketing department needs, and find people that fill that particular niche.

  1. Ask the Right Questions at Interviews

The interview is a critical part of the hiring process. It lets you see the actual person that sent in that seemingly great resume. But if you’re just asking standard questions, you’re only going to get a standard view of your potential employee. Take the time to come up with unique, special questions that will reveal the qualities you really want to know about the people you’re hiring. Want to know how well they function under pressure? Present a scenario. Do you want to know their perspective on your company’s goals and motivation? Ask them. The right questions reveal the right answers. Don’t be afraid to ask what you need to know about any potential employee.

  1. Consider Assessment or Tests

Anyone can say almost anything on a resume. You probably don’t have time to fact check every alleged skill on an application. Not to say that you should assume everyone is lying to you, but you can never be sure how competent someone really is just by how good they claim to be. It’s perfectly fine for you to have a potential candidate take a test or undergo some sort of assessment during an interview. After all, they clearly want the job as much as you want someone to fill the position. Furthermore, they know meeting your expectations on an assessment greatly improves their chances. So go ahead, make a test for your candidates, ask them to show you that they truly possess the skills and abilities that your marketing team needs to grow and reach its next goal.

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