5 Top Tips for Managing a Business Instagram Account

The Instagram site is a growing photo and video sharing type of social media platform that has millions of users worldwide. More than 25 million companies’ worldwide which are already using Instagram for business and marketing purposes. Instagram is a social media platform that is growing over the years and that any business should not be scared to use. Here is how you can manage your business on Instagram.


Engage and Connect With customers

For any company to grow the trick is to identify what story to share and how your customers connect with that story. Once you have defined the goals and objectives of your business on Instagram, it’s time to get out and explore the community and finding other clients within your niche. Making sure that you engage and connect with other users makes your Instagram account more active.


Use the feature called Instagram Stories

Using Instagram stories is another way of managing any Instagram account. Small or large business should use Instagram stories to show their products and services; this should be done daily to keep your customers posted on the business products. Instagram stories are videos and photos that be posted and disappear 24 hours after they are posted. You can add different stickers and GIF’s on the video recorded or pictures such as your location, the time, tags for other Instagram users, and different hashtags to your content. Instagram Stories helps you interact directly with your users; this is polls, reactions questions, and customized sliding bars.


Don’t leave your users Hanging

Keep the momentum going once you have started your Instagram business account through daily posts, and you should decide how often, when and what types of photos or videos your company plans on sharing with other Instagram users this includes the overall theme that your followers will know and trust


Use Statigr. a tool to manage your account

Statigr.am tool is a management tool for Instagram that is web-based . It provides you with a more efficient way of interacting with a lot of pictures, videos and stories shared on the Instagram platform at the same time. These too offer more useful; functionality than that of an Instagram focused web browser. Statigr. Am allows you to view all of your stories and feeds and the users you get connected with in numerous ways. Statigr. Am makes it easy to navigate through photos/videos and like, comment, growth in followers and how engaging your content is.


Interact with other users on the platform


Making your account more active you need to make sure that you keep in touch with other users. You can interact with other Instagram users through many ways such as tagging them in your photos or send them a private message also you can communicate through liking, commenting, mentioning, tagging and direct messages. Though this your account will always be mobile ad this is a better way to manage and also keep your users updated.

It is being one of the most important social channels around the world with many business users whether small business or promoting brand it is the best platform for any company to have to market their products and services.

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