Content Ideas for Business Social Media Pages

Keeping your fans engaged in your social media pages all the time is no simple deal.  More than 80 percent of the United States population buys items online. Keeping your fans wanting to search your webpage continuously and the social media platform is thus a crucial component of any business digital marketing department. To engage their fans, some people buy ads or likes, but the best way to join your fans is to keep posting creative content that your fun loves. I know you are now telling yourself this is easier said than done. Well, no reason to worry. In this article, you will find fresh ideas on how to find engaging content as well as how to computerize the entire process.


Post Topics that are Trending


The algorithm used in most if not all social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to propagate news has a way of top-ranking posts that are about trending topics. Thus to utilize this feature, find trending topics that could be of interest to your fans and post about them.


Tell Stories


To connect with people at a more personal level, stories are the best since people might have similar stories which they can relate. This is what makes people remember stories easily.  Sharing stories about your business and how it connects to your personal life like weight loss story is a bright way of keeping your fans excited and wanting always to see your post as they will feel you are open and will want to share their stories too.

Wait for the right time to Post


You must have had that the best time to post is 12 PM, 3 PM or 7 PM. Well, this is very true although the most study shows the best time to post depend on demographic and industry. It means, therefore, to know the optimal time to post, you need to conduct experiments. A great place to start is using Facebook Insights to check when your fans are using the internet. One more thing you need to know for sure about the time of posting is; do not post on peak hours as during this time there is much competition with other major businesses in the news feed.

Run A Contest To Give Away Your Products Or Services


People like free things, Conducting occasional, therefore, an impactful social media idea to keep your fans engaged.  Going by data obtained by Tailwind, 91 percent of Instagram posts with 1,000 likes or above are connected to a contest. Also, Instagram accounts that run competitions regularly grow 70 percent faster than accounts that do not hold races at all. This is a crazy way of keeping your fans engaged. The final price of the contest should be something somehow be related to your brands like free membership or free product. The last thing but not least are hashtags. Hashtags are by far the most straightforward way of keeping trajectory of who joined your free contest.

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